"I fitted the TT dampers to my Mercedes Sls Gt3 spec race car back in March. Dejan came and done the programming and tuning side of things. It amazed me how by adjusting damper settings it was possible to go from one end of the handling spectrum to the other.

The first race we ran with dampers was a 3hr at pukekohe in very wet conditions the first thing I noticed is how it handled the bumps on the front straight where the other gt3 cars were almost turning themselves around my car was soaking them up and was able to maintain throttle. The second thing I noticed was the remarkable condition the wet tyres were in after 3hrs of use.

I've run the car twice since then and have a lot more confidence in car we've overcome some prior handling characteristics of the car that we were battling with since owning the car.

All and all the TT dampers have increased stability, tyre life and performance which has led to gains in lap times and the backup from TT and Dejan has been faultless."


Dwayne Carter

Carter's Tyres Mercedes Benz SLS GT3